Password Resets not Working

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Password Resets not Working

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I have tried to change my password, thorugh both the MyVodafone App and the Website.  In both instances a password that I consider complex is being raised as not secure enoguh, the pattern is Abcdef@123x.  It would appear to me the system is somewhat broken....

Also on the iOS MyVodafone app when I swtiched from uppercaseto lowercase the keyboard moves up and down on the screen making it unusable.


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Re: Password Resets not Working

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Good morning @apaice


When you attempt to save your password is it telling you it isn't strong enough or does it just not save?


Can you please update your D.O.B in your profile (if this has not already been done) and then re attempt changing your password?


Let me know how you get on Smiley Happy





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