Nuisance calls

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Nuisance calls

by Sangagar New Poster
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Can somebody tell me how to block a caller that calls at all hours of day and night and hangs up when I answer?
It is a nz landline number they call from (09 963....)and they are calling an 0800 number that I receive on my Vodafone cell phone
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Re: Nuisance calls

by Business Ninja Adept Business Ninja Adept Business Ninja Adept
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Hi @Sangagar


What type of phone do you have? Some handsets allow you to block numbers in the settings.





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Re: Nuisance calls

by Waitete Starter Poster
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I block the calls as they come in, they are not all the same number.  they are calls from all over, London, lithuania, Canada, Ethiopia,... anywhere. They just keep coming.  

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