My joyful Vodafone moment.

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My joyful Vodafone moment.

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Fifty one minutes and forty five seconds!  This is the time it took me to get nowhere with your phone support. Let me tell you how it all happened. First I was in a pleasant mood. The sun was shining through my window and life was good. I thought that before I do anything constructive I might phone Vodafone to sort out a niggling problem - updating the domain dns something-or-other for my website. grrr


So what was the big problem? Well, first I came through to the residential team. The man said to me in an Indian accent, 'you need business team sir, I will put you through!" Very nice of him except for the fact that I had actually been put through to him! ! OMG - this is even too boring to write.  But it gets really exciting.... (not really). I get put through to a disinterested woman who does not understand me because I am actually so disinterested myself. I mean, what do I want? Dns something or other relating to a domain name? 

18 minutes later I am put though to another person who tells me I should be speaking to someone from Clearnet,  no wait, (they say) Paradise! 

Well, whoopdeedoo, I get put through to that section of Vodafone after another grueling ten minutes. I have time to ponder why Vodafone still have this complicated segmentation in their business structure. But the sun has gone. And I'm sad.


The problem now is deeply psychological because I neither give a toss about DNS servers and all the while my computer and phone have stolen my life away,  along with Donald Trump. But if I hang up now it might be just as I'm on the cusp of an answer. I could be rolling in fresh meadow flowers and singing songs of joy. But no, I'm on hold to Vodafone. 

Eventually I am told that I need to email the technical support team. It will take 24 hours for them to get back to me. This was the answer I had aready deduced while picking my nose and idling my time away pondering if the mental health of society will deteriorate rapidly in the near future. What will the wait time be like for a mental health professional in the year 2024?

Sadly, for me, the sun it is no longer streaming in my window and I worry it may never rise again. Thanks Vodafone. I'm off to buy an ice cream to eat in the cold shade.


By the way - the reason I post this message is because I had already, while on hold, found myself subscribed to this forum in search of an answer. But now my question is too deep for anyone to be of true assistance.


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Re: My joyful Vodafone moment.

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Is the DNS issues resolved and how was the ice cream?

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