My Vodafone Account Error

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My Vodafone Account Error

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Hi there,


I recently switched plans from prepay to $29 starter pack. Since then, I can no longer log into my account via my mobile number, and when I log in with my email my account seems glitched somewhat. I am getting a "undefined" text, and blank text fields - something is up. What can I do about this?


(Logging into the mobile app just straight up doesnt work with mobile number or email)


Thanks Smiley Happy



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Re: My Vodafone Account Error

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Hey @BennyJekel


Looks like we'll need to setup your MyVodafone account again if you switched from prepay to postpay.


Can you please PM me your phone number and email address and I'll remove the old account, and then I'll get you to register again which should get you sorted Smiley Happy

- Sam

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