Data usage

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Data usage

by mizk Starter Poster
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I can't seem to see why I'm going through so much data how can I find out to help me make it last longer
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Re: Data usage

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hi @mizk,


You should have the option to see what app is using how much data on your phone. Go to Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data Usage, and scroll down to see the apps that have been using data. Most smartphone comes with this feature.


Alternatively, you can visit Google play store and download a thrid party app i.e. Data manager. 

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Re: Data usage

by JeffMerwood Starter Poster
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Our data usage meter has not been working since the 28/03/18, I have tried both turning off and unplugging the modem for at least one hour and it wouldn't start up again. We usually experience this at least once a month but usually just before the end of our billing month. Any suggestions welcome please.

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Re: Data usage

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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Our Data meter has been "out" since the same time and I also find that this hapopens at least once per billing cycle.

I see this morning that some data is now showing for the 29th March but still way behind.

I was told by Vodafone last month that:

They inherited old systems when they took over TelestraClear and they regularly have to do upgrades to that system.

The meters will go down for several days and the usage will catch up.


Still...doesnt help when you like to keep an eye on things and I get the feeling that its an issue like the spam problem last year.

Will we lose the ability to check our usage or will we have to use another service ??


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Re: Data usage

by JeffMerwood Starter Poster
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Cheers, ours is now showing some usage from the 29th.


Be nice if it was fixed rather than patched up as it is quite annoying when it crashes near the end of a billing cycle when you're trying to keep an eye on usage. 

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Re: Data usage

by Community Manager Community Manager
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Apologies for the break in service, a fix is underway.


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