ClearNet Webmail Spam not working

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ClearNet Webmail Spam not working

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I use my ClearNet account for specific users to contact me, Most of the time it is empty but I have for the last six month received SPAM from several regular sources.


Most originate from Australia where I have no contacts.


I tried to stop this spam by forwarding the emails to and also place the spam in the webmail spam folder.


This usually stops for a while and then starts to come down again. The email headers are the same so something is not working right. 


Is the spam filter broken or usless I wonder?


One final thing I do not connect or register to sites using my ClearNet account and have work with computers for 37 years as a system manger on mac's, pc and unix.


I know I can create filters to redirect the mail if I use a mail client but hay the web filter should work.

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