Charge for a text

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Charge for a text

by selimkabir Starter Poster
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I was checking my usage of my mobile phone and see I was charged for a text to a UK number. The issue is I do not know this number and I cannot find a text to this number on my message log. Could someone enlighten me why this would have happened.

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Re: Charge for a text

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Hi @selimkabir


Do you have an iPhone. Is it something such as 447786205094 . If so this is an message sent from your phone to activate iMessage/Facetime.





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Re: Charge for a text

by Craggsy Starter Poster
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Is Vodafone NZ not an iPhone accredited carrier? What I don't understand is why only my daughter is charged for this and is charged a lot! We have three iphones in our family. Also, why has this only happened in the last month? We have been with vodafone for ages. Would like some explanation of these points, please.

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