Bad Bad Service

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Bad Bad Service

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I am so done with Vodafone and their absolutely crap support and communication.  For the past 3 months we get our service cut due to 'outstanding balance' yet it is an automatic weekly payment?  After paying the extra they asked for to get connected we still to date have not had a response to how this happened?


Again today - cut off for same reason.  I try to contact them through the mobile redirect - 20 mins and then the call just hangs up?  I call again - 40 mins get through.  I explain that I would like to know what amount is owed, that's all and to resend a copy of last statement which has not arrived (even though via email).  I then after several minutes, questions and explanations get told she can't talk to me as husband is the account holder?  Which he has communicated and requested 3rd party on this account as I handle all of it?  To top it my daughter receiveds a FULL breakdown of the account on her mobile yet she is a subsidiary?????


I can't handle this every month and being unable to get a simple question answered!  I don't care what service is out there - it won't be Vodafone.  No wonder most of my family and friends won't use them!!!!!!


Vodafone when you think you can behave how you want because you 'think' you own the monopoly market share - think again!  The public keeps you in business and not vice versa - remember that when you shares and profits are down!  I suggest you focus on better Customer Service and less offerings which you clearly cannot manage or support!



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Re: Bad Bad Service

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I am sorry about your experience, if you would like to message me - click on my name - with your account number then I can try and get some answers for you.

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