Are Vodafone serious or....joke ??

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Are Vodafone serious or....joke ??

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Everyone are bit shocking !  (include me too)


Why Vodafone stop a email,  Because your customers who been paid these package as including email ?



Customers will choose a four choices  


  1. No STOP, Customers WANT keep their current Email address ongoing, Vodafone MUST Fix the Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM put in all email system, Immediate !!!
  2. If STOP,  Vodafone MUST minus $10 off (for no email) a month their standard package value to ALL customer accounts   ($2.25m loss profit a month, too bad !)

  3. If STOP, Vodafone refuse $10 off,  Customer will considrate to replace a other ISP company.  They rather privacy email within NZ Company require,  Because they don't trust a Gmail, or other free email.  (Vodafone will huge loss finance or cut a employee numbers)
  4. Vodafone must setup new secondary email system and create one domain names registered then Tell notice to all customers will create their owner choice username before 30th November, all several Email domain registered will primary system will stop services.   Customer will change every accounts from their new primary emails.  


If Vodafone didn't answer by end of Sept, I will interest these will spread to media news against Vodafone.


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Re: Are Vodafone serious or....joke ??

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They are a joke, I changed ISP last year and it took me months to get my landline back on because Vodafone actually cancelled my landline which they never had to do, so after 15 yrs I now had to get a new ph number, NOW it looks loke I have to get a new email which I actually pay extra for per month even though I only have a mobile account. Well as of November I will no longer have to deal with Vodafone because I will be changing my Mobile provider as well Bye bye Vodafone  Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Inconvenience obviously means nothing to Vodafone, I will not be paying my monthly EMAIL account from now as I have had to change to another one and inform so many businesses who send my accounts online so done expect another cent from my for my email account Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Tongue Smiley Tongue

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Re: Are Vodafone serious or....joke ??

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good luck, It's on Stuff, but not NZherald. fairgo & consumers both know about it. So far only consumers have published anything, basically parroting the vodafone dribble

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Re: Are Vodafone serious or....joke ??

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I agree.  Nobody who is serious about not wanting spam would consider Gmail or Outlook because it is full of spam and advertising.  On top of that my Hotmail address with all my email addresses has completely disappeared.  I get a message saying the account doesn't exist after about 20 years.  So there is no way I want any of these web-based email systems which chop and change as and when it suits them.  All of them require a backup email address anyway which has been my Vodafone address, so it means opening at least two email accounts with Gmail or Outlook for these accounts anyway.


This whole fiasco is a serious loss of goodwill for Vodafone which I have had up until now - in fact I have never had any spam in my Vodafone email accounts only with Gmail and Outlook which I have dropped and will avoid like the plague.  I can see no option but to go to a provider that provides an email service.


Vodafone obviously is obviously only concerned with its business customers and not concerned about personal customers who pay roughly $1200 per year for their internet and phone services, so if Vodafone is so business unsavvy they deserve the loss of personal customers that is obviously going to happen. 



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