static route on local ethernet ports on HG659

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static route on local ethernet ports on HG659

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Just wondering is there anyway that I can set up an static route on my local ethernet port? As the router doesn't allow me to add a static route for interface onnet_ethernet with following message. 


  1. Interface type must be route


Below is the reason why I would like to set up the static route, please give any suggestion if there might be any alternative ways can be achieved.

As shown in the following topology of my network, I have a couple of powerline extenders, which can only be working like a layer 3 router (rather than a simple layer 2 switch) which causes an extra subnet ( in my LAN ( And my only purpose is to make device A in lan of HG659 can connect to device B or C in the subnet eaiser. 


          |     +-----> device A (e.g.
                |      +------------------+        +---> device B (e.g.
                +----->|Powerline Extender|--------+
                       |  |        +---> device C (e.g.
                       |    |

So far, I can add a static route on device A (e.g. route add via to do the job, and it works perfectly. But it would still be better if the static route can be set on HG659 so that every single equipment in subnet of can get access to the subnet


Thank you very much!


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