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I'm trying to connect my laptop to the wifi. I was connected to it yesterday and now it is not working. When I try to connect it asks for a network security key. Where do I find that?

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Re: Wifi

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The network security the "password" that is required for you laptop to connect to the wifi router.

(sometimes called a network key, a passphrase, or a network password)

You'll need this to connect.

Yesterday when you connected you would of enetred in this password into your laptop.

If you dont know it then someone else that connects might.


When you get this password and you go to enter it again there should be an option that allows you to "connect automatically" - it normally is a check box that just needs checking (ticking) before you connect, that way the laptop knows to connect automatically without requiring the password


Sometimes the router/modem comes with a password or network security key printed underneath on the base. Its the default one that comes with the unit BUT normally when a router/modem is set up the password is changed to something else by the user.




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Re: Wifi

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What @capcomnz said is spot on,


If you don't know the password you will need to log into your router on a connected device, if you don't know how to do so we can let you know Smiley Happy



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