Where purchase WAN cable extend

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Where purchase WAN cable extend

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Just installed VDFN fibre broadband at home, got VDFN modem HG659. The WAN cable provided is only 1 metre, and would like to find a extended cable about 3 or 5 metres. Tried Noel Leaming, Warehouse Stationery, PB Tech penrose branch, none of them got the cable. Anyone knows, where i can find the cable WAN. Someone said it was same as LAN cable, but i Google it's different.




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Re: Where purchase WAN cable extend

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WAN and LAN are 2 different things, however they will both work fine with a standard CAT6, RJ45-RJ45 cable.

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Re: Where purchase WAN cable extend

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DISCLAIMER: I am not affliated wth the seller of this auction, or can %100 promise it will work. However, the above one is what I would buy

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