Vodafone station modem internet problems

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Vodafone station modem internet problems

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Having issues with certain devices being really slow or no internet connection at all. When i access the router page in the overview section, the internet 'planet' icon is not lit up. Also in the settings tab it says "offline" in the internet status collumn.


But i can still connect to the internet??? So basically the router is saying its not connected to the internet but i can still get online. My apple devices are having the hardest time with connecting to the internet but my windows laptop works fine.


Also the internet icon is not lit up on the lcd screen 

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Re: Vodafone station modem internet problems

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Hey @DesmondRikkerink


Is this on going? If so, is the internet only slow on devices connected via wireless?  


You could also have a look on our website and see if  either VDSL or Fibre are available at your address by going here and clicking on 'Find the best package for me'. With both VDSL and Fibre a new router is supplied as part of your contract. 





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