Vodafone TV and pfSense

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Vodafone TV and pfSense

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Ever since moving to UFB I have been experiencing Dropouts with my internet. Vodafone keeps telling me that they are wireless dropouts because they can see that there are 27 wired devices and 2 wireless ones but they keep trying to convince me that it is NOT the routers fault and instead saying its wireless dropouts.
I have tried using the supplied modem with a pfSense box connected to the HG659. This only slows down my network and I need to have the TV connected to the HG659.


I have done testing and have got stable internet with a pfSense box running, But my issue then is that I can't use my Vodafone TV. Are there any special settings I require to use Vodafone TV that the HG659 hides from me?
Alternatively is there any way on the ONT I could use another port to connect my HG659 to my Vodafone TV and use the primary port as an input for pfSense?


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