Vodafone Home Hub Huawei HG659 firmware

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Vodafone Home Hub Huawei HG659 firmware

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by whittynz New Poster
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I got hacked by so call Vodafone technican 3 days ago, nope it was a scam it was a fake technican who updated my firmware for my huawei hg659 and now it shows telecom not Vodafone, I need the orginal or Huawei Firmware to put it back clean again


can somebody please email me the firmware for the Huawei for contact me on




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Re: Vodafone Home Hub Huawei HG659 firmware

by Retired Staff EmilyGrace Retired Staff
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Hey there,


This is not coo! Is this still a issue?

If so can you please email us at ATT EMILY and I will check this out.




^Emily Grace Smiley Happy

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