VDSL to Fibre installation

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VDSL to Fibre installation

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Hep needed please! I am trying to switch the modem from VDSL to Fibre but doesn't want to work. I have a question.....



1. I was told over the phone to literally switch off the modem and switch back on and it would work!! Not happening, Do I need to change the port the cable is in?


I'm guessing I need to use the WAN cable now, however it doesn't fit into the splitter port. Should I get a new splitter via Vodafone or can I just buy one from anywhere that sells one that fits? Using my phone as a hotspot so need to sort this urgently, before the teenager gets home and life ends Smiley Wink. Been a hideous month with you Vodafone, and this has just added to my dislike. Hoping that someone will make my world better. Thanks

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Re: VDSL to Fibre installation

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Thanks for your post, apologies for the delay in reply. Have you solved this?

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