Ultra fast 30 speed

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Ultra fast 30 speed

by Svp New Poster
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Hi I've recently moved house and upgraded to ultra fast 30 from flip prepay broadband

I've noticed absolutely no speed improve,mets when loading web pages, it does work faster downloading apps etc but I still wait for up to a minute or more to get a web page to load.

Does this sound right? It's using an iPad air
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Re: Ultra fast 30 speed

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Hey there,


I will need to check this out for you because this a recently connected UFB connection. Can you please send us an email on with your account number, and we will be able to have a look into this for you? Smiley Happy




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Re: Ultra fast 30 speed

by Retired Staff johnr Retired Staff
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@SvpCause you are doing this over WiFi , Any testing should be done over Ethernet,

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Re: Ultra fast 30 speed

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And you're not using alternate DNS servers ? And this can be replicated on another device and another browser ? And your speed tests show what? And as above needs to be done via Ethernet not wifi.
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