Sure Signal keeps dropping connection

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Sure Signal keeps dropping connection

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Vodafone Broadband Router ADSL avg spdtest of 15mps, 2 x Cellphones.


I have no landline so cannot make a call to customer service, because the suresignal is faulting.


We have had our Suresignal V3 for probably a year now and it has worked as it is meant to.

Until this week (nothing has changed in setup or usage).  It just started dropping quality and connection mid conversation.

I have done every rest reccomendation I can find.  


Right at this moment my phone says it is connected to sure with full signal, but when i make a call it trys and then re starts itself.


At present lights are from top down


top steady red

1  White steady

2 White steady

3 Off


As soon as I make a call it 3 lights up.  


But then it all changes....


Top flashing Red

1 off

2 steady yellow

3 steady yellow




Then some time later


Top Flashing Red

1 Flashing White

2 off

3 off


A long time later (hours) it starts agian showing a full and proper connection, and away we go again!




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