Static route on Vodafone Ultra Hub

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Static route on Vodafone Ultra Hub

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I'm having trouble getting static routes to work on the Vodafone Ultra Hub. 


I currently have two routers connected to each other (the Ultra Hub + an Almond+). The Ultra Hub is connected to the Vodafone FIbreX modem, and the Almond is then connected to one of the Ultra Hub's LAN ports.Capture.PNG


Static routing is listed as an option in the Ultra Hub's configuration, so I enter the network and the mask, along with a gateway IP of, as that the next hop IP. I select a metric of 1. I save the rule and enable it.


No matter what I do, a device within the network cannot ping a device within the network. Instead, it is routed through the Ultra Hub's default gateway (tracert confirms this).


I suspect that this is because the route is not actually being applied. If I check the Routing section under Status & Support, I can't see my route listed at all.


Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug in the Ultra Hub's firmware?

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Re: Static route on Vodafone Ultra Hub

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The static routing on the UltraHub is designed for a scenario with multiple WAN (uplink) connections, so won't help in your case. You can't create a route towards the LAN.

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