Slow FIBRE and connection drop offs

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Slow FIBRE and connection drop offs

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I seem to have times when the connection drops out or slows down to what is almost like in the days of dial up PAINFUL.  Sometimes can't play videos as will not load etc.  Been happening for a period of time now and seems to happen at various times during the day and evening.  I have been trying to change channels and sometimes this works but not always.  Even accessing that to change the settings is painfully slow at times.  

I thought fibre would be better but I feel like ADSL and VDSL were faster most of the time.  Curently I'm the only one in the house using the internet.  

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Re: Slow FIBRE and connection drop offs

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Hi GailHandley, 


So this can be better investigate for you it maybe best to contact our fibre technical team on 0508 888 800 and follow the fibre technical support options on the IVR to get through to the right department as there is a tool where they can do a romote login session to your laptop or PC with you over the phone.

Or you can also raise a ticket with our emails team by filling out the form in this link: and they will be able to get the right people in touch but the response time can take upto 3 busines days, just so you are aware.  You will receive a Right Now (RN) reference once you submit that form so keep that handy.






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