Router Connection Issue

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Router Connection Issue

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In the last few months we've had an issue in our house with the router randomly disconnecting or losing internet connection. It happens seemingly randomly across the course of the day and we've sometimes had to power cycle the router over 10 times in a single day.


Things were fine initally after we moved in until something went wrong and a technician came to fix it, and since then we've been having the above issue.


I contacted Vodafone and was informed that it was a nationwide issue which was being worked on and basically told to deal with it.


Myself and my wife recently went away for a week and were told by the other flatmates that it was fine while we were away, but the problem has resumed since we returned. Could the problem be to do with the number of connected devices or the specific devices that are connected?


Please help because having to constantly reset the internet (4 times this morning alone) is becoming unbearable,


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Re: Router Connection Issue

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Thanks for your post. Couple of questions

* What kind of broadband do you have

* Have you exploring connecting different devices to different channels - the modem offers 2



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