Requesting SIP Settings

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Re: Requesting SIP Settings

by Staff Manoj Staff
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Please elaborate on the call fraud aspect of it because most people don't understand about it until they get pinged with a few thousand dollar bill. We deal with these periodically in the consumer space and regularly in the business space and bills are almost never adjusted because once you start managing your own VOIP service, the security also becomes your responsibility.

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Re: Requesting SIP Settings

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I think that if the supplied modem wasn't so riddled with problems it would no be an issue.


As far as fraud issues, yes it's possible if they choose to use their own router, and again it's also possible using the VF supplied router.


As a VF customer who chose several years ago to split my phone service from broadband and supply and manage my own modem/router and use a 3rd party VOIP provider I can say that it was the best thing I ever done. Way more features at a way cheaper price and I have not had any issues with VOIP fraud.

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