PSN error CE-39935-9 and related troubles

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PSN error CE-39935-9 and related troubles

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Just got a new PS4, trying to set up my PSN account but I kept getting the above error when trying to connect to the PSN to begin creating the account.


This reminded me of when I was trying to check the prices of certain games on the Playstation Store from my laptop and it also wouldn't connect to the store, so I tried to create a PSN account from my laptop and ran into the following error


You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.7f346d68.1492685430.656f244



Sony says its a problem with the router so to test this I turned on my phones mobile hotspot, connected to that (both PS4 and laptop), and found I was able to connect to the PSN on both devices.


Obviously this is not a viable long term solution so is there any settings changes I can make to my Netcomm Wireless NF5 router to get it to work with PSN?



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Re: PSN error CE-39935-9 and related troubles

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Pretty strange error, if it was common it would show up here in community for sure. 

What TCP/IP settings are you running in the NF5 atm? Voda/Telstra DNS settings or something else? I don't know a lot about PS but can give it my best shot. 

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Re: PSN error CE-39935-9 and related troubles

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The error codecomes up as that the playstation network is busy whcih means the servers are down or are undergoiunig maintanence. The error on your laptop, i had the same problem, it was to do with the playstation servers blocking my ip address, so i requested it to get it changed which solved the problem

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