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WE have recently joined Rural Broadband and my monthly GB usage is being eaten up quickly. My grandson plays Mindcraft online and I have reined in his usage. HOWEVER even if I turn off the internet and the modem he can still talk to his friends via the PS4 plus play off line.


How does he manage to talk to his friends when there is no internet?

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Re: PS4

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Hey @Scooby


How are you turning the internet off? For your grandson to talk with his friends via PS4 this would require an internet connection to work.



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Re: PS4

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I turn the power off to the PS4 at the pS4. An interesting aside is that I also have Apple TV2 on wifi and although that is turned off (i.e in sleep mode) my Vodafone modem still recognises the connection and still seems to tick over some usage. However when I turn the 230v off at the wall the Apple TV connection disappears. This seems to suggest that there is some sort of passive connection taking place - maybe I should turn the ps4 off at the 230v connection

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Re: PS4

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PS4's can still be updating and communicating with the servers even though they are switched off as they are on an instant on / standby state. There is also an app to chat which he might be using possibly.



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