Network Security Key required

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Network Security Key required

by renaking Starter Poster
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Bought new computer wont let me access internet - says I need NETWORK SECURITY KEY. There is nothing on the back of the modem. Tried ringing tech support waited 70 mins on Thursday night, 249 mins last night and 84 mins tonight. Been to store but they cant help - told me to go thru but that didn't work. PLEASE help. Thanks. ph 073088182 or 0275770401 or email
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Re: Network Security Key required

by Staff JasminPihema Staff
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Hi Renaking, I can definitely see why you would be frustrated. If you could send us an email through to with your account details we will be able to help. So sorry that you have been experiencing long waiting times ^ Jaz

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Re: Network Security Key required

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Hi @renaking -  Usually there is a sticker on your modem with the SSID and Security Passkey either on the back or bottom of the modem. What make/model modem do you have?

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Re: Network Security Key required

by judyp New Poster
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I have the SSID PIN and PUK code but where do I find the NSK? Have a VodafoneMobileWifi- DF9599

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