Modem upgrade

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Modem upgrade

by Regular Poster ruthiebabe Regular Poster
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Hi there;   It says i have to plug the new modem in by the 18th September....What happens if i don't as i an looking at changing my provider as you are not four filling your service by cutting out my email account....Ruth

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Re: Modem upgrade

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The email address will still work. It just needs to be forwarded to a new mailbox (eg if you have a gmail or something)

Your internet will stop if you get migrated to VDSL and your modem doesn't support it - only the Vodafone HG659 and Ultra Hub support  the faster VDSL. You may as well plug it in as the modem will be better than any older Vodafone ones.

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Re: Modem upgrade

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Hi Ruth, 

It won't matter. The hardware will work regardless. Emails will have mail forwarding added to them, all you have to do is follow the link we sent you to have any incoming mail forwared on to a nominated different email address. For more info on this, check this link here:

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