Looses Login Password on Restart

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Looses Login Password on Restart

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by KevinMitchell Starter Poster
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Another problem I am having with my new Ultra Hub.

If I go into "Status and Support" and do a "Restart", when the unit comes back at the login screen, it appears that my saved password is reverted back to the default password shipped, I have to enter this, then go to "Change Password" and reenter my new password, save.

I have tried this 3 times this morning, and had the same result. If I just refresh the page, or open a new tab then go to the modem/router page, enter my details, new password, all is fine. Restart from within, back to default.

This should not happen?


Regards Kevin.

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Re: Looses Login Password on Restart

by AdamFrancisWilson Starter Poster
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I have this same problem.

When the modem restarts the admin password is reset

also think its s/// that it forces you to have a 12 character password with numbers upper and lower for my wifi password, when i changed to this "new awesome" modem i had to go and change 13 devices to a new password plus we now have it written on the fridge so the wife can give it to visitors rather so now its more unsafe than before

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Re: Looses Login Password on Restart

by Business Ninja Adept Business Ninja Adept Business Ninja Adept
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This is a known bug in the UltraHub Firmware and is due to be fixed in next FW update. Expected End of April / Early May.





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