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Internet Speed

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I have a windows laptop and a Chromebox (Chrome OS) sitting side-by-side, both wirelessly connected to Vodafone cable broadband router (Technicolor brand supplied and installed by Vodafone 12 mths ago) about 5m away in another room.  I'm on an 80 Gb/mth plan that is meant to provide up to 50Mbp speed (but never does!).  


Over the last couple of weeks the internet speed for the Chromebox has frequently dropped below 1Mbp at the same time as the laptop speed continues over 10Mbp.  This low speed makes the Chromebox pretty useless for streaming Utube videos etc but I don't understand why the huge speed difference between the 2 computers at the same time and which occurs at any time of day.  


Any suggestions anyone please?




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Re: Internet Speed

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Thanks for the post.

Is one connecting to the 2.4GHz channel and the other to the 5GHz channel on your Wi-Fi?

Don't like the sound of you not getting your speeds - so if you have the time, please do drop me a direct message (click on my name) with your account number or address so I can get our network guys to check on your network connection.



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