Huawei HG659 as a AP

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Huawei HG659 as a AP

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Hi All,

I have just got a old Fortigate 60C to play around with, i have got it setup and the internet/fibre is going through it fine and it is giving out LAN IP addresses ok through its DHPC, now i would like to hook the Vodafone HG659 up to it so that WIFI devices can connect to the network but with the Fortigate managing DHCP/firewall etc for the entire network. Any hints if this is possible? I saw a post about putting the HG659 into full bridge mode but they turn the SSID's off in that which i need on for the WIFI.



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Re: Huawei HG659 as a AP

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Bottom of this Vodafone wireless modem FAQ - Bridging mode.

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