Huawei HG659 HTTP

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Huawei HG659 HTTP

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Ok so I have had to change over to an HG659 due to some techinical glitchs I been expirencing. I have come across an issue where I cannot access my own domain name from within my own network. (HOSTED HERE) so for example i type in http://(mydomainname) witch will not show up but i can ping it ok to WAN. I am having to use the local IP address witch then showes it so its not doing the pass thru. The issue with doing that is that i have stuff running on diffrent platforms that require the www. address to function correctly as it is backed and coded off the domain address. I did think about  setting something up in the hosts file but that would just be to much of a pain in the a... Has anyone came across this and knows how to fix this so can just go to the domain name and not the ip and it will load. Yes i have everything i need stup in Fowarding so all services from the outside work fine it is just the accessing from internally for me to make changes as an work around i need to disconnect from ethernet and use my phone via a non local connection so my addressing works correct because of API stuff that i have here sigh

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