Huawei HG659 Bridge Mode

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Re: Huawei HG659 Bridge Mode

by StevenEllis New Poster
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I've been trying to setup a device in bridge mode based on the guide and I keep getting the following error


PPPoA can support only one PPP connection.


Firmware version V100R001C206B020


Any ideas where I might be going wrong. Device has

  • Wifi Disabled
  • Static IP
  • No DHCP
  • No Routes
  • Disabled Remote management
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Re: Huawei HG659 Bridge Mode

by Staff ChrisVF Staff
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@StevenEllis If you're seeing errors related to PPP it sounds like you're using ADSL, which isn't supported for bridge mode. If you're using PPP on VDSL, then don't - use DHCP instead.

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