How to use X-Lite softphone with VF SIP

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How to use X-Lite softphone with VF SIP

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Hi All, after much banging my head against the wall battling with Vodafone policies, I have decided to share how to set up a X-Lite softphone with VF SIP.

I am doing this as Vodafone really shouldn't restrict what you can and can't do. I respect their decision from the POV that if a customer gives out the password, then it leaves it open to "call fraud".

Warning. If you do this incorrectly and something does not work after, you will need to factory reset the HG659. This loses all customisations etc but will bring the router back to defaults.

My current setup is with the default VF Huawei HG659 router. My internet is fibre and the HG659 is the ATA.

Open Internet Explorer (Edge, Mozilla and Opera do not unmask the password, did not try Chrome)(if you do not know how to access the router, this is another topic).

Log into your router with username "admin" and the password of "VF-NZhg659". Feel free to change the admin password which stops VF from accessing it (Not a good idea unless you know what you are doing).

Click on the "Telephony" tab.

In the VoIP menu there are VoIP providers and VoIP numbers. These show the current settings.

The provider setting needed is the SIP Domain (

The VoIP Numbers have the username needed and shows the masked password.

To get the password google search for "passware asterisk"  t.


Download, install and open "Asterisk Key" and make sure the router page with the masked password is still open. Click the "Recover button in Asterisk Key.

You should see the unmasked password.(Put this in you password repository-Keypass is ok)

I have used X-Lite for my softphone as its free and it works. I have not tested other softphones but they should work.

The "User ID is your "SIP Number" from the HG659 voip numbers page (area code, no xero then your number)

(eg: for "Auckland" and the number of "1234567" its "91234567")

No need to use the domain proxy settings.

Add your password from the Asterisk KEy app. 

The "Dial Plan" settings I have used are from the HG659 dial plan settings, but the default X-lite should work.

Thats it and happy SIPping folks.



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