Help with modem

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Help with modem

by LeahThornton New Poster
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Our internet keeps dropping out, and I'm just ruling stuff out. I think it could possibly be our modem has done it's dash, so I hauled the Vodafone modem (which is a few years old, but never been used) out of the cupboard. It's connecting to the internet fine via the ethernet cable. But even though the wireless light is solid, my devices don't see an available WIFI signal. So how do I sort out the Wifi? I did try getting on to the modems webpage, but admin/admin doesn't work. No idea what the password is. Seeing as I can't get a tech on the phone - can a ninja let me know the modem web password, or maybe suggest a fix?

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Re: Help with modem

by Senior Contributor gregmcc Senior Contributor
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it always pay to supply as much info as possible, like what kind of broadband service you have ADSL, VDSL, Fibre?


the make and model of modem you have?


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