HG659 Max Connections

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HG659 Max Connections

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Does anyone know the maximum amount of WIFI connections I can have connected to our HG659 modem and still have reasonable performance? We have an office which is working fine with about 10 users connected probably each with computers a mobile device. We may look to increase to about 30 users in the future. Type of work is standard office type stuff and using a few online apps. No heavy data transfer usage.

We have fibre so internet connection with 100 up and 100 down so internet speeds should be fine. It's more what the WIFI can handle. 


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Re: HG659 Max Connections

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Total number of devices you can have on the HG659 wifi - max 16 per SSID, 32 total across all SSIDs


The management table in the router menu holds 32 devices. *The first 32 devices which attached to the router appear in this table*. You can apply rules (mac filter, parental control, port forwards) to any device that appears in this table.


Despite that, after you have about 15 devices attached and active it may start to get a bit slow (eg video streaming buffers). Especially on 2.4g band.


Given you are in an office environment, you may want to invest a few hundred dollars into a business grade wifi access point to connect to the HG659 - like a Ubiquity AP. They are better suited to a workplace.



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