FibreX Wi-Fi connections slow

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FibreX Wi-Fi connections slow

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I have FibreX Max.


So I have two devices, a Windows PC and a MacBook Pro .. both are capible of 802.11ac .. THe MacBook says it's connected at about 1.1Gbps and the PC says it's connected at around 750Mbps


However when doing a speed test at I only ever get around 230Mbps from both devices - However if I plug an ethernet cable into the PC and repeat the same tests I've already done, I am averaging around 750Mbps speeds.


It appears to me that something is throttling the throughput of the WiFi to no more than around 250Mbps?


Other things connected to the wifi network are a ouple of mobile phones, a couple of ipads, a printer and a TV.


Anyone know if there is a way to increase Wi-Fi download speed for the Mac and PC?

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Re: FibreX Wi-Fi connections slow

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A few things for you

- The link speed on the wifi is not the actual throughput speed. As a good rule of thumb, the max actual speed you will get is 50% of the link speed.  So in your case the expected speedtest result in good wifi conditions is about 500Mbit for the Macbook and PC about 350-400Mbit. You are not likely to see any more speed that that. There are no wifi devices on the market at present that can push 1Gig. Typically newer devices max about 550Mbit in ideal conditions with only 4x4AC devices going higher

- The router LAN test shows it can do 750MBit. Make sure the speedtest site you are choosing is Vodafone for the test,

- Make sure your devices are attached on the 5Ghz wifi network only, and/or push the less critical ones to 2.4 to free up bandwidth on 5ghz

- Interference can impact your wifi performance. Make sure the router is elevated and central where possible to improve service. Dont have it next to another electronic device or appliance if possible. Definately avoid putting it in a cupboard too.

- Wifi Congestion can be an issue if all your devices are on at once. Test with just the Macbook attached to Wifi and see how that goes. 

- If you have an android phone, you can download Wifi Analyser which will show you other wifi signals that may be interfering. You could push the 5ghz to another channel if need be then (go to the top channels if everything is in the low channels)

- The speed you are getting is pretty good and would be fine for anything you could do online except very large files downloads/uploads


Hope this helps



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Re: FibreX Wi-Fi connections slow

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Hi @geraldm74! To add to @MrMorm, wifi would need adjusting to be better optimised. The defualt settings aren't always the best. Check this link here: for steps to make adjustments and here: troubleshooting Smiley Happy 

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^Zane Cat Happy

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Re: FibreX Wi-Fi connections slow

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no link?


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