Fibre 100

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Fibre 100

by donnaz New Poster
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I have fibre 100 and finding it very slow.

Did a Vodafone speed test and it reads:

Ping 68ms

Download: 17.35mbps

Upload: 19.65mbps


I am sure that it is not good enough is it?

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Re: Fibre 100

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Was this via WiFi or ethernet? We can only guarantee speeds via ethernet.

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Re: Fibre 100

by OwenLangdon New Poster
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I've got worse, on the fibre 100 plan and every day like clock work from 4pm till well after midnight im getting under 7mb/s with an ethernet connection, and being the only user most of the time. if anyone is using the net...thats it cant even get the speed test site to work.

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