Connecting Home phone to Fibre X modem

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Connecting Home phone to Fibre X modem

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How do I connect my home phone to my fibre X modem. My parents with Spark had a new box installed which connected both their modem and phone meaning they didnt need phone jacks. This was part of the appeal of us switching to Fibre as we have only one inconveniently placed jack but the installer said we still have to use this???

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Re: Connecting Home phone to Fibre X modem

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Hi @kirstyh



The installer was correct, your home phone will need to plug into the phone jack point. You wont be able to plug it into the modem/router, if you would like the phone jack point relocated or a new one installed get in touch with our billing team on 0508 888 800 and they'll be able to arrange for a tech to relocate the jack, or your other option is to get in touch with a local electrician and they'll also be able to do this work as well.




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