Connect USB HDD to HG659

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Connect USB HDD to HG659

by jeff4896 New Poster
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Hi, I could connect my USB HDD's to the VF Station (ADSL) but now I'm on VDSL with the Huawei HG659 I can't find a manual or any instructions on what I should be doing, or what I am doing wrong!!  Has anyone had any success?


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Re: Connect USB HDD to HG659

by Senior Contributor shadow Senior Contributor
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Yup, we have a 2 TB drive plugged into the rear USB Port and using it mainly as a DLNA server.

If you login to the router and click on Share, all the settings you need are there. Make sure you enable Samba so it shows up as a network drive
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Re: Connect USB HDD to HG659

by stuartr Starter Poster
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I also am unable to get USB HDD working correctly.  


It works for a little while, then the HG659 restarts.


My HDD is externally powered.


I found a reference to someone experiencing the same issue on a different forum...


Can vodafone please provide assistance.



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Re: Connect USB HDD to HG659

by Terry_J Starter Poster
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With a USB flash drive I dont need to enable Samba, GoodPlayer app on my iPhone streams and downloads to the phone using UPnP no problem with any data/media and DLNA devices, eg, Panasonic VT TV streams fine.  However whether the extra setting, Samba is active or not my 2TB ext powered HDD reboots the Router over and over.  If it becomes stable, which is 20% of the time after wating ages for the router to settle after a few reboots, it only reads a small part of the data from one folder to serve up.  But then if I connect my Sony PS3 via wifi and find 'Media Server Connections' the router instanly reboots sure as clockwork even though it does find the router as a media server for a few seconds. Not sure why the PS3 sets it off to reboot directly.  So, I just run a seperate PC 24/7 with 'Universal Media Server' (UPnP/DLNA) for TV's and Game consoles and 'Air Playit' (Apple AirPlay for IOS devices) [and 3x Xunity iStream on XBMC Raspberry Pi's] in the flat. Would rather have just the router working properly sharing media.  XBMC official remote, with a TV or monitor handy, then can be almost as functional as AirPlay service.  I think only a firmware update will sort this HDD reboot issue.  But, If Vodafone is crippling SIP for VOIP,  as I read, has the firmware been modified?, could we even update with a generic firmware update if available? I wish they were ZyXel brand not Huawai.

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Re: Connect USB HDD to HG659

by Terry_J Starter Poster
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Hey Shadow, so your USB DLNA port(s) work with a 2TB drive!

NTFS file system or FAT32?

Please, what is the Hardware and Software version of your router?

I cannot get my HG659 stable without it rebooting. I have tried 2 different 2TB drives now, separately, one at a time on each USB port (no bad sectors).

Only USB Flash drives work.  And not with .mkv files either.


My specs: HG659

Hardware version: VER.B

Software version:  V100R001C206B013

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Re: Connect USB HDD to HG659

by zemien Starter Poster
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Just thought I'd add to the growing chorus of "Hey my router reboots when I plug in my HDD!". I'm using a self-powered 500GB Transcend USB HDD.
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Re: Connect USB HDD to HG659

by Jeremy_1 Starter Poster
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I've just set this up and got it working on my new HG659, i connected my WD 1TB external disk which is powered, to the router, enabled samba and then refreshed my network settings (i'm using a wireless laptop to run the admin browser interface), it took a while but the network drive appeared as 'ATP' , i don't know why it's called that, I mapped a network drive to this which looks like \\atp\hodor\seagate_-0BC2__usb1_1 - hodor is the name I gave the device and it's picked up the model name, I did this a few days ago and have had no issues with it.


Hope this helps.


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