B315 wifi is weakening

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B315 wifi is weakening

by LaundryQueen Starter Poster
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Hi there


Have an 18 month old RBI connection with a Huawei B315 connected to an external aerial.


Over the past few weeks the wifi signal has deteriorated markedly.  Used to be able to have devices (phones, iPad, laptops) running off wifi anywhere in the house with reasonable connection strength.  Now need to be within 10 metres of the modem to get a functional and stable wifi connection.  Nothing else has changed in the environment - no renovations, no new electonic devices or appliances.  Yes, have tried the reset (more than once), no improvement.


Seems silly to buy a wifi expander or repeater when the modem used to be great - can wifi signal strength 'deteriorate' over time? Is a new modem the answer?



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Re: B315 wifi is weakening

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Thanks for the post, has anything else changed?

- Number of devices connecting

- Position of modem

- Near(-ish) Neighbours have recently got broadband?

- New internal wall built?


Signal shouldn't fade, it will generally be external factors. Let me know and we'll get that signal back up!

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Re: B315 wifi is weakening

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Hey Mike, thanks for coming back to me.  See responses below.


- Number of devices connecting: no, exactly the same number (and same devices too)

- Position of modem: nope, thanks to the length of cable used in the install, the modem can't be moved in any more than a 1m arc.

- Near(-ish) Neighbours have recently got broadband?: that I would have to check, closest house is prob 80m away though.

- New internal wall built? Definitely not


I was doing my own 'research' (thanks Google) and learnt that heat isn't good for modem longevity and can damage the capacitors over time?  The B315 is sitting on a desk in front of a window and gets direct afternoon sun.  Can't move it out of the sun (thanks to aforementioned short cable) unless I sit it on the floor under the desk (which puts a further barrier in the wifi signal's way).  Have never observed it running hot but then I never touch it unless it's to power off/reset due to an issue, so very rarely.  Could it have the electronic equivalent of heatstroke?

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