mates prepay

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mates prepay

by AlexBiel New Poster
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I changed my plan to mates prepay earlier this month and today when trying to make a call it told me that the I only had 3 minutes of call time left. I then went onto the myvodafone app to check and it says I am now on casual data and casual minutes. Its even started charging me to send texts. 


What is going on?

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Re: mates prepay

by gemma3617 New Poster
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The exact same thing has happened to me. I have been on mates prepay for a few months now and went to call someone yesterday only for my phone to tell me I only have 3 minutues of calling left... My plan renewed a few days ago and have not called anyone so have used no minutes. It also says I'm on casual data and minutes/texts. Someone please help us!

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Re: mates prepay

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hey there, sorry to read this. If its still an issue can you please Private Message me your numbers and I'll see whats happened.

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Re: mates prepay

by MoLau Starter Poster
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I was checking my mates prepay plan via the app just now and all in a sudden it saids that im on a casual data; all my minutes, data and txt are all gone. Smiley Sad

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