casual data turned off

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casual data turned off

by megan555 New Poster
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Hi, I have one of the prepay dial up/down plans and I want to be able to switch the casual data off so that i am not charged a fortune if i run over my plan, have fiddled around but can't find how to do it, any ideas please or is it not doable? Thanks

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Re: casual data turned off

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Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community.

Apologies, casual data can't be turned off but you can track your usage easily through the My Vodafone app to avoid it.


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Re: casual data turned off

by Roberto1 New Poster
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Did this feature used to be available?  

I have just found my teenage daughter went onto casual rates and used up the credit I had for the next top up.  When I rang 6 months or so ago I was told the casual rates were disabled for her and indeed the data normally stops when she has used it up.


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Re: casual data turned off

by kylan-sin Starter Poster
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I don't think "casual data can't be turned off" is an acceptable answer. Is that a technical problem why it can't be turn off, or more of a company policy problem?


I would think it would be easy enough to implement (and makes sense) an option for vodafone users to choose either or not to continue to use casual data after the data on their plan are out.

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Re: casual data turned off

by StefanOlsen New Poster
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Yeah I just accidentally went over my mobile data allocation and got stung $16 in a few hours.

I suspect Vodafone purposely don't allow casual data to be turned off because they rely on the income generated from people when they use up all their mobile data, forget to turn 4G off, then start eating into 20c per 1mb or whatever astronimical rate it is.

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