Who to contact about debt with Vodafone? Dispute help!

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Who to contact about debt with Vodafone? Dispute help!

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Hi all,


I am looking for some advice about a debt that is supposedly owed by me. Firstly i will point out, i have never had an account or anything with Vodafone before. I have been with Telecome for the past 20+ years.


Now as to my problem. A few weeks ago back in feb i requested a credit report for myself. Checked my report and i found that there are two defaults listed on 18/03/2015. They are listed as: Panthera Finance and Debt Works NZ.


I contacted both companys and asked them what were these defaults are in relation to. Both companys have stated they are for Vodafone NZ. Both companys could not confirm why or where or how the defaults came about.  I told them they need to find out where these debts have come from and to freeze both of the debts and put them in dispute. A couple of weeks passed and both companys contacted me back, Panthera stated they couldnt get any info about i should just pay the debt. Where as debt works have stated, that the customer needs to contact Vodafone to request for information.


So i proceeded to make contact with Vodafone about these two debts listed in my name. 3rd April i called the 0800 number and spoke to the call center, they were no help than i spoke to someone who stated they would try to find out whats happened. 3 days later i received a call from Vodafone, that they werent able to solve the issue and i would need to call back and speak to a manager. Ive called vodafone over 20+ times requesting and asking for help with no luck/


Now heres where id like advice, ive been calling vodafone since 3rd of april and no one seems to want to help me resolve this issue. I have 2 debts listed on my credit record coming from vodafone. The debt collection agencys have no idea what there for, Vodafone, wont help and provide me details or even investigate the issue, so the last time i contacted the 0800 number, they suggested i make a post in the community to see if i can get advice which i am now doing. I have contacted Veda advantage, they have stated i need to contact vodafone to resolve the issue.


So now my question is, WHO AT VODAFONE DO I CONTACT?


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Who to contact about debt with Vodafone? Dispute help!

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Write a letter to VF (not email, via the postal service) instructing them to provide full details to prove both of these bills, include details that you have never been a customer and that you deny this debt. Advise them that the debt is under dispute and they are to advise the credit collection companies as such.


Ask for full details like dates reminder notices were sent and which address they were sent to.



pretty soon it will become apparent that either VF have made a mistake or that someone has used you detals to create a fake account

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Re: Who to contact about debt with Vodafone? Dispute help!

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I am not a lawyer, nor do I work for Vodafone, however I'd suggest (in line with the above);


  • Email and request any and all documents Vodafone has pertaining to you/under your name pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 (including, but not limited to copies of contracts signed, copies of identity documents, payment records, transaction receipts etc)
  • Advise Vodafone's credit management/recoveries team the matter is in dispute
  • If you do ascertain these are your details and someone has misused your identity, let whoever you are dealing with at Vodafone know and ask that they retain all the information they have as well as ask them to notify the Agency Liaison team. Then go down to your local Police Station and report the matter.


From Vodafone's own Privacy Policy:


6. Accessing and updating your personal information

You have the right to access personal information about you if we hold that personal information in a way that it can be readily retrieved, subject to some exceptions provided at law.

You may request access to the personal information we hold about you by sending an email to Please quote your name and address. We would be grateful if you could also provide brief details of what information you want a copy (this helps us to more readily locate your data).

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Re: Who to contact about debt with Vodafone? Dispute help!

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Thanks for the advice guys.


I called vodafone this morning and asked them to put me through to Vodafones credit management team, who finally dealt with the issue. It seems that the normal customer service center had no details about it but when i talked to credit management they were able to resolve the issue and were able to confirm after all there was no debt held on file. 


Once again thanks for the help.


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Re: Who to contact about debt with Vodafone? Dispute help!

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