When will a pre-pay line be disconnected?

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When will a pre-pay line be disconnected?

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Hi all,


I posted here a few months ago as I ordered a prepaid SIM as a gift for a family member moving to NZ. 


So he came, he lasted about 3 weeks before his old job in the UK offered him a huge pay rise to come home. So that was the end of it.


So I still have the vf NZ sim and as it's registered to me. I just wondered when will this account be terminated for non-use? I have the vf NZ app and the message at the bottom says the credit expires on 10 December.


Is that the date when the account will be closed? Or does it run after that? Or can I call up customer services and have them close it now? 


I'm just not that keen on having open accouts that aren't going to be used. 

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Re: When will a pre-pay line be disconnected?

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Yes, the number will expire shortly after that credit expiry date if it's not topped up before then.


It's not possible to disconnect a prepay number, you can just let it expire, and destroy the sim card to prevent anyone else using it.

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