Voicemail does not work while overseas!

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Voicemail does not work while overseas!

by Nzlockie Starter Poster
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I travel overseas about six months out of the year. Early this year I discovered that when I leave a temporary message on my voicemail informing my customers which date I’ll be back, nobody can hear it as my phone does not appear to play it! 


It it is super annoying as it costs me expensive roaming charges every time I have to call Vodafone to have them try (unsuccessfully) to resolve the issue. Not to mention the fact that I am working and don’t really have time to sit on hold while I wait for someone who usually has no record that this has consistently been happening to me, to answer and tell me to change my phone settings etc. And as others have pointed out, it’s 2018 and vodafone still has no email support. 


this is time I am merely across the ditch in Australia. My wife is with me this time and I’ve just verified that her voicemail message is not playing either. 


Im here for two weeks and my regular clients have no idea, and I have way of telling them.

Considering im paying around $150/month for this “service”, I’m pretty frustrated. 

Yesterday I looked up Spark for plans. Unfortunately they suck even worse, but I’ll be honest, I think I have to consider it. 


Please vodafone, sort this out!


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Re: Voicemail does not work while overseas!

by Nzlockie Starter Poster
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Sooo, no answers, no comments, no emails, not even a text message. 


This is so bad. Not cool Vodafone, not cool. 

Im out. 

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Re: Voicemail does not work while overseas!

by Senior Contributor gregmcc Senior Contributor
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try email


He is the NZ big boss, or go over to and post in the VF forum there, he is a frequent visitor there.


you are right the customer service is beyond shocking.

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Re: Voicemail does not work while overseas!

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Apologies for delay in replying.

Are you using the temporary message on your voicemail or the normal personal greeting?


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Re: Voicemail does not work while overseas!

by Nzlockie Starter Poster
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As mentioned in the original post, I'm using a Temporary message. My wife is using her regular message. 
In both instances, callers either hear the phone ring until it clicks off with a "The Mobile number you have dialled is not active or..." or else it doesn't even ring. My number is 0224228865. Feel free to call away and hear it for yourself. I'll be here until Monday. As soon as I land in NZ, I will bet you any money you like that the message will play correctly.

I would appreciate it if you could solve it, but to be honest I think I've had enough. Even though Spark is a far worse deal than Vodafone, it's just not feasible for me to have this issue every time I'm overseas. It also sucks that I have to pay $5/NZ day to resolve a problem that is not my fault in the first place. The last time this happened I was in the States and you guys spent three days trying to fix it, at my cost, and despite conceeding there was a problem, there wasn't even an offer of reimbursment.  
I just simply can't risk this happening again. It costs me too much lost business. I'm going to take a Spark phone overseas on my next trip and test it out. If the voicemail system works, I'll have to switch.  

I say this not as some kind of threat. I'm under no illusions that my pathetic little $150/month plan amounts to a drop in the Vodafone revenue ocean. I don't expect the loss of my business will be noticed by the shareholders at all. I don't think it gives me any kind of leverage to try and get you guys to fix my problem. I expect you hear this all the time. 

No actually I'm just genuinely frustrated. Telecom screwed me over pretty badly when I first signed up with them and I swore I'd never go with them again. You guys are now forcing me to break that promise. As a business owner, I rely on my phone working wherever i am, and in NZ, unfortunately that means you or Spark. 

I want you guys to know that you are losing me because of things you can easily fix:

1. Give us a way to contact you that does not cost me money in roaming charges, and in time spent waiting on the phone. 
It's 2018, give me an email address! 

2. When you realise that your customers have a service, that THEY ARE PAYING FOR, and they are not receiving, offer them compensation. In my case, offer to reimburse me the roaming charges. Offer to divert my phone to a service/phone based in NZ, so that my message will play. I realise that sometimes that will go down like a lead balloon. From my perspective it doesn't address that literal hours that i spend waiting and wondering if it's going to get fixed, but at least it is SOMETHING. Some acknowledgement that you are sympathetic.

3. $5/day Roaming is a great deal when people are on holiday. But it SUCKS when people travel alone for work. When I land, my wife would appreciate a quick text to say the plane didn't crash. Now that text costs me $5 to send. 
The bigger issue is an ethical one. You didn't make this scheme opt-in. You  didn't even make this scheme opt-out!
If I want the Business level plan, I have no option. 
Ideally I should be able to pay normal roaming charges until I hit the $5 cap. After that I don't pay any more until the next 24hr cycle begins. But even if this wasn't possible, ethically, you shouldn't force me to accept your $5/day deal. It should be MY choice.

4. Minor annoyance, but sometime ago, the setup menu got changed. Now temporary messages are recorded from a completely different sub menu to regular voicemail messages. That was a terrible decision. It's such a minor thing but it was so inconvenient, and not logical at all. 
I hope you figure it out. I have no faith that Spark is going to be any better. So if you DO figure it out, please let me know. I'm starting my travel again in January and I will keep my account active until then. but I'm definitely testing the Spark phone and if that one works and yours doesn't, I'm switching no matter what.


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