Upgrading plan to match current advertised plans

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Upgrading plan to match current advertised plans

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I was hoping that a ninja might be able to help me out with my current plan. Could you please let me know the best way to contact someone in regards to this? Either private message or email would be great.
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Upgrading plan to match current advertised plans

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Hi @terenceb



If you're on an Open Term plan you can change you plan by going to this link. If you're with 12/24 month contract you would be best to get in touch with our call centre on 777 and they'll be able to discuss your options.


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Re: Upgrading plan to match current advertised plans

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Hi there,


If I upgrade to red+ lite plan which currently has 5gb more than my current red+ lite plan will i still get my current $10 discount for the rest of the promotion period or will I forgo this discount?





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Re: Upgrading plan to match current advertised plans

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I had this discussion last month on another strand of the forum.
The quick answer is NO unless you then moan to their "retentions" department. which probably means half a day waiting in the queue listening to banal music. Good luck if you try.


There is a level of inconstistency in their bean counter approach. I have also been a customer of Vodafone "Wireless Home Phone" which operates on the 2G/3G network for around 10 years. Suddenly they wacked the price from $39.95 to $49.95 without any explanation as to the reason. No creating a new plan for new users and leaving the loyal existing customers on the old one. When I complained, I didn't even get the courtesey of a reply.  I am now transfering my number to an IP phone provider, the monthly charge being a fraction of the price and Vodafone receive  $40 a month less from me. Go figure Vodafone!  If they hadn't moved the price up I probably would have continued ad infinitum through lethargy.   The same applies with the Red+ lite.. When I see a better data deal for the price I am currently paying, I will have no qualms in moving elsewhere as Vodafone have not shown any appreciation of the loyalty I have shown to  them over a long period of time.




Tony C.

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