Smart N8

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Smart N8

by KevinH New Poster
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My new vodafone Smart N8 will not let me send snapchats as the phones navigation bar sits over the snapchat send button.  I have been into two Vodafone stores and staff were unable to fix the problem.  They suggested it was a technical fault with the phone and that vodafone would be notified and a fix would be worked on.  Has anyone else got this problem or know if there will be a fix?

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Re: Smart N8

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hi @KevinH,


You should have the option to be able to lock the navigation bar so that any app you open sits above teh navigation bar. This can be done via Setting> Display Settings> Navigation buttons.


Also does this happen only with Snapchat or with other apps as well?

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Re: Smart N8

by DevonRutter New Poster
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Hi. I'm having the same problem, it is only snapchat with the issue. Other apps automatically open above the navigation bar. Is there anything I can do? I'm feeling pretty bummed out that I spent $200 on a phone that can't use one of the main app!!

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Re: Smart N8

by Dciphoenix New Poster
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Just gotten the new VFD 610 today miffed I can't use Snapchat unless I have to mess around with the auto rotate settings. Anyone else fixed this problem?
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