Roaming In Cambodia

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Roaming In Cambodia

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Can I buy a $5 bundle for Cambodia? If not what are the data charges please?
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Re: Roaming In Cambodia

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There is no $5 daily roaming in Cambodia. 


If postpay here are the charges: 


Data Angel Overseas - valid for 30 days

Voice & TXT

  • $30 for 5MB (to buy TXT C5 to 747)
  • $50 for 10MB (to buy TXT C10  to 747)
  • $100 for 25MB (to buy TXT C25 to 747)
  • $5 per minute
  • $1 per minute to receive calls
  • 80c per TXT


If prepay, here are the rates: 


Calls to NZ or other countries$3.79per MIN for all calls
Calls within Cambodia
Calls to voicemail
Receiving calls$1.00 per MIN
Sending TXTs$0.80 per TXT
Receiving TXTsFREE
Data (including PXTs)$10.00 per MB
Calls to customer serviceFREE
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