Receiving texts for promos/offers every week that I don't want

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Receiving texts for promos/offers every week that I don't want

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For some time now I have been receiving messages - usually about once a week - from four digit numbers starting with 7. Using a new phone, I have received these messages from 7245, but in the past I received them from several different numbers (although I can't recall them). 


The message is: "Need more data? Of course you do! Reply YES to get 500MB of data for only $3.00! Offer ends Thursday & lasts 7 days. Call 321 for more info."


Through some research I can see that these messages may indeed be from Vodafone, and if so I want to be removed from the marketing list that sends these messages. I have no interest in these offers.


What is really concerning me though is the text I have just received. From 021 010038558:


Hi there, As a loyal customer of Vodafone we have an exclusive loyalty offer! It includes 200 mins to landlines & mobiles (NZ & AUS) & 1GB Data + 500MB (12 Month) + 1 Free BestMate for just $24.99 per month open term (Cancel anytime, No contracts). If interested, please reply "YES" or call 0800 434 448 between 8:30am-5pm. Thanks Vrushali."


I have just looked up the 0800 phone number and it is listed as being the phone number for Digital Mobile, AND for the Vodafone store in Shore City, Takapuna.


Is it normal to receive text offers such as this, and is it actually from Vodafone? I am completely happy with my plan, but am getting sick and tired of receiving marketing messages every week. Two Degrees doesn't do this so I will be forced to change if I keep getting these offers.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Receiving texts for promos/offers every week that I don't want

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Hi @febebird94


Sorry for the promotional TXTs that you're receiving. The new plan offer that you have received is sometimes sent to our customers by our sales specialists instead of cold calling. So yes this is a real offer Smiley Happy


As for the promotional TXT messages, we can have you removed from the marketing list. You can have this done by calling our help desk on 777 or 0800 800 021.


Thank you,


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