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Phone data

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I keep getting a message to say I'm close to using up all my phone data but I know I haven't. I've purchased top up flexi data three times now but the second and third time I feel like I definitely wouldn't have used up all the extra data I'd purchased. I only got my last extra data early this morning and it's already telling me I've used 80%. Can anyone help? Rather not get a massive bill at the end of the month for stuff I haven't actually used.
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Re: Phone data

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Hi @Mel26,


With the data usage, you can never be sure of how much you can use in once session as there is different contents on everyday which can result in the data usage to fluctuate.


In saying that, most of the smartphones show what has used how much data. Just go into the Settings of your phone and scroll down to Data Usage and see that apps that have used the amount of data.

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