My Vodafone account

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My Vodafone account

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I've already sent you this email on 04/08/2017, but I haven't received any response from you. That's why I'm sending this mail again.





To Whom it May Concern,

My name is <removed>. My mobile number is <removed>.

I'm using a flexible plan of Vodafone.

I wonder what happened to my account.

I've updated the mobile application of Vodafone and noticed “a wrong person(Mr <removed>)” and “a wrong plan” were on my mobile number of Vodafone application.

I called Vodafone service 0800800021 and the staff said that my account will be reactive in 24 hours.

Could you explain what happened and why you have updated my information without my permission?

My credit is over $30, and I've got heaps of Min and Data which were carried over. But, the current "wrong" person (Mr <removed>) has no credit $0.00.

I want you fix it as soon as possible.

Please advise.


Hyun Min Park

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Re: My Vodafone account

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Hey Hyun,


Welcome to the Vodafone Community.


That doesn't sound right indeed, have just sent you a private message asking for some more details, if you can have a look at it and reply back to me, and will get this looked at ASAP for you.


Kind Regards


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